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Knowing you are more than enough and living like you believe it.

Every summer my family and I take a break. We get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and head to the serenity of the beach. It always provides us with rest, solitude and that long-awaited sweet family time that we have craved throughout the year. The goal on the trip is the same every time; to switch off from work, switch off from social media, and switch off from routine and regular. It reconnects me, it refuels me, it redefines my boundaries and gives me space and margin back.

And every time I get to that place – you know the place where you can breathe out? Every time I get to that place I hear the whispers of God again. The chaos has quietened, the to-do list no longer shouts at me and my Instagram isn’t crowding out what He is trying to say to me. This year it was what He told me that led me to begin MORE THAN. Because every year for the past 3 years I have heard the same thing: “WRITE. You need to write”. And every year I have done little about it – until now.

Now, you need to know this; I have spent the last 18 years crafting messages for preaching but I have never thought of myself as a writer. But I have come to realise over the past month that maybe more people need to hear some of the things that I have been speaking, and perhaps they could hear them if I was brave enough to put pen to paper, write them down and put them somewhere where people could read them. And so here I go…

MORE THAN is about realising and embracing the knowledge that YOU ARE ENOUGH, that GOD IS ENOUGH and that HIS GRACE IS ALSO ENOUGH. No, scrap that. MORE THAN enough. MORE THAN is my journey. It is what I have learnt along the way. It is the truths that have helped me grow as a wife, mother, leader and friend. It has taken me years to learn it and I will have to spend my lifetime learning how to live it. I haven’t made it but my heart is that maybe we could learn on this journey together.

Will you join me?

It won’t be complicated. I am a very simple girl (simple in a good way!). I am not going to say it in a way that is super creative and I won’t say it perfectly either, but hopefully I will say it in a way that helps you to live more confidently in the calling that God has for your life. I want to put practical ‘stuff’ in your hand that will help you in your real, everyday life.


I am a 36-year-old mother of two energetic, animated, affectionate and ridiculously good-looking boys (Judah, 10 and Rocky, 7). I am married to my best friend, Steve, who I still have a high school crush on. Together we lead the church I grew up in and live a life that I absolutely love. We have been in ministry together for 16 years and we would never have been able to dream up this life for ourselves. It is full and busy, tiring and challenging. It is hectic and crazy, demanding and exhausting but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love that through what we do we can find purpose in our everyday, and extra in our ordinary. I have never felt more at peace with who I am and what I bring to the table than I do right now.


Start by reading ENOUGH. It will give you some insight into the word that frames my life, my love and my leading.

My prayer is that you don’t just enjoy it – you live it, and I’ll be trying to live it right alongside you.

Becs xxx