insecurity – a king’s undoing. part 2.

Let me take you back to the previous entry when I introduced you to King Saul. A man who began his journey with great promise and ended it consumed by jealousy and riddled with insecurity.

If you haven’t read Part one of this entry, I would encourage you to do so. We talked about what insecurity looks like;

  • Insecurity is threatened by others.
  • Insecurity struggles to trust.
  • Insecurity fights for position.

Saul’s insecurity became his undoing. I do not believe that Saul achieved all that God had planned for him. Saul stopped short of all of his potential, not because he didn’t have it in him. He stopped short because he didn’t have wholeness.

When we read the story of Saul we learn that there was a brokenness in him. And when he was placed under the pressure of leadership that brokenness began to show itself in anger, jealousy, paranoia.

I don’t want to be like Saul, so I have had to ask myself the question; how do I fight the insecurity battle and win? How do we overcome it and live to see the fullness of God’s promises over our lives?

Overcoming Insecurity

1. Celebrate others.

Saul’s Son Jonathan was quite the opposite of his Father. Jonathan loved David (the object of Saul’s jealousy and the trigger for his insecurity) and time and time again Jonathan promoted David above himself, celebrating David’s future Kingship.

Jonathan was, by birth, the rightful heir to Saul’s throne. He was the crown prince and anyone would have thought it completely normal and justified for Jonathan to see David as his rival. He has every reason to dislike David.

But Jonathan does something for David in 1 Samual 18 that communicates to him, “I am going to see you, not as my rival, but as my friend”.

In verse 3 Jonathan gave David his royal robe. Giving him his robe was an act that signified that Jonathan recognised that while he himself may have been Saul’s choice for King, David was God’s choice. A robe representing his Kingship, his mantle, handed over in an act that says – “I recognise the call that is on your life. It’s not the same call that’s on mine and I’m ok with that.”

Jonathan also gave David his sword. Now, it is interesting to note here, that only the King and crown prince were allowed by the Philistines to possess a sword in Israel at this time. Jonathan gives David his sword! That’s powerful!!! Jonathan saw the call of God on David’s life and he rejoiced in his success. What a significant moment!

We overcome insecurity by encouraging people. Speak positively to them and about them to others. Champion them. Speak to the call that is on their life.

2. Trust that you are called.

Jonathan was able to celebrate David’s call to Kingship because he was secure in his own call to son-ship and friendship. They were anointed for different callings. Neither was more important than the other, both were necessary, both were needed.

Know what you are called to and trust God with it.

Just because you haven’t seen it in yourself, doesn’t mean it isn’t in you.

Your confidence should be based on God’s decision to pick you. He called YOU! He has chosen YOU!

The difference between David and Saul was that David trusted in God’s promises. David had already been anointed King – he didn’t need to steal it, fight for it, or prove his worthiness to anyone else. He knew his promise, he knew his inheritance and he stood firm in it.

Interestingly, Saul was anointed just the same as David. Saul was anointed by the same prophet for the same call, perhaps even with the same bottle of oil. Yet because Saul lacked trust in the call, he thought he had to fight for his position and not rest in his calling.

There is no rest in insecurity – only striving. Rest comes, when trust comes.

3. Let there be a heart transformation.

Getting to your promise is less about what you do and more about who you become.

God doesn’t just want to get you to the end destination, He wants to get you there whole.

My husband, Steve, loves taking on a physical challenge. Last year he completed The Tough Mudder. 21km of mud, ice, heights, electric shocks and all sorts of other things. Despite my genuine belief that you would have to be a little on the crazy side to sign up for such an event, what I love about it is that it’s a challenge that is more about the journey as a team than it is about completing it as the best and fastest. You might have people on your team who could run the whole thing and ace it in a matter of minutes, but arrive at the finish line incomplete because they left their team behind.

What I love about this challenge is that it’s not about finishing fast – it’s about finishing whole.

It’s not about being the best, it’s about journeying well.

God ultimately chose David over Saul – why? David’s sins were surely greater? So why would God choose him over Saul?

It was about the wholeness of their hearts.

David is described as “a man after God’s own heart”. That tells me he is a man willing to have his heart tested and his character challenged. It tells me that he was less interested in knowing about God and more interested in really knowing God. It tells me that he was willing to let God and others see his imperfections and journey back to wholeness.

I have read and studied the journey of Saul and the dynamic between Saul, Jonathan and David a number of times.  And I have often wondered how their story might have been different if Saul had realised that his legacy could have been far greater, his reach far more, and his Kingship more effective had he been able to overcome his insecurity to champion and invest in David.

I wonder how much greater King David might have been had Saul taught him out of the wisdom and knowledge he had gained rather than try to break down what God was clearly wanting to build up.

I don’t want to be like Saul. I don’t want to stop short of all God has for me.

I wonder how much of God’s greatness over our lives we are yet to experience because there is a brokenness lying dormant that we need to be delivered of.

Could it be that there is something of influence and greatness in you that God wants to call out? But we have to be willing to deal with some brokenness in order to run in the way he destined us to.

Now, let’s go out there and live like we believe it!


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  1. I agree wholeheartedly especially with number 1: celebrate others. Speak positively to them and about them to others. Celebrate your friends and encourage their journey.
    A close friend taught me this many years ago and it’s always in the forefront of all my relationships ❤️


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